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Mixed Reality Study: Usage of VR and AR for Medical Training

Article here: http://realvision.ae/blog/2016/04/mixed-reality-ar-vr-holograms-medical/

This video is part of a research project for a client. With the talk of “holograms” getting widespread thanks to devices such as the Hololens, there is an interest from diverse industries such as Medical, Education and Industrial on the use of Mixed reality solutions for their visualization and training needs.

Some technical details:
This AR experience was created to stress test the feasibility of a mobile, self-contained and non tethered solution for visualization and training.

The project was created in Unity and runs on a Samsung GearVR with S6Edge phone.
The slight lag is due to very high polygon count and textures running on the S6 along with MirrorOP(a screen recording solution for android) on the same phone, in the background, transmitting the S6’s screen a PC in the next room over wifi. The picture-in-picture window above is the recording.

Outcomes so far:
– With more optimized use of 3D models and textures, a more robust solution can be realized.
– S6 will fire a thermal throttle warning, due to the demands of Camera running and high poly count objects.
– fiducial trackers/markers should completely eliminate tracking jitter and would be recommeded in a medical scenario, over more cosmetic / fancy image markers which might be ok for the advertising market.

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