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Why is #360video #marketing so effective for Real Estate Agents

Why is 360 degree video marketing so effective for Real Estate Agents .http://www.360video.services/ Video Marketing in 360 degrees and Virtual Reality . [email protected] . Why is 360 degree video marketing so effective for Real Estate Agents ?

360 degrees and Virtual Reality Video Marketing Services by 360video.services , the World’s Number one authority in 360 video marketing for real estate , hotels and tourist attraction businesses . You can find our contact details in the description of this video .

The concept behind 360 degree, immersive media is simple. While traditional videos provide only one angle of reference, a 360 degree video enables viewers to take an active role in selecting the angles they see. Using the mouse to click and drag anywhere within the frame of the video, viewers can look up, down, left, right, or completely around within the footage, just as if they were standing right there in the middle of the action.

Watching a 360 virtual tour, of a property on sale , is giving your audience and potential customers complete control of their viewing experience is full of the “wow” factor that’s hard to forget. The interactivity and immersive nature of 360 degree technology provides your market with:
An increased sense of realism;
More in-depth information to impact the decision-making process;
The ability to explore inaccessible places or environments;
An opportunity to receive complex information in useful ways that feel completely natural;
Improved information retention; and
A reason to view the video more than once.

With an immersive media like 360 degree video, you are able to deliver your message and present your property on sale , in a unique way, where the viewer is in control. The ability to watch from completely different views helps audiences gather new information, increasing their overall engagement, each and every time.

Sotheby’s Internatonal Realty is using 360 Video VR to sell luxury homes, and in the next few years everyone could be shopping for houses with virtual reality.

Right now, the rich and famous are touring homes in virtual reality—and in a few years, so could everyone.

The Matthew Hood Real Estate Group at Sotheby’s International Realty , has begun experimenting with Samsung Gear VR as a new showcase for multi-million dollar homes based in Los Angeles, as well as luxury residences in the Hamptons and in New York City.

VR lets show homes from across the country or across the world, and get the same view as the buyer.

“We can lead a VR tour remotely and even see where the client is looking, which allows me to address things like a kitchen counter style while they’re looking at it—just as I would in a real world tour ”

Contact us today for a free consultation .

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