Tagxy Concepts AG

Tagxy Concepts AG

Whenever we take a photo of the real world, comment on the picture and put it on Social Media, we share our own interpretation of our world. But this happens in an abstract, indirect way.

The creators of the Tagxy app wanted to create a special, ‘physical’ social network and let their users ‘claim the world for themselves’ with augmented reality. Here, everyone can create their own AR content for everyday objects and places and let others discover them, instead of simply commenting on things with an ordinary rating or review app.

Let us illustrate the difference: until now, someone may have opened a mobile application like Yelp or Tripadvisor to see your written opinion about a local café.
Now, they might be walking past the door, point their phone at the sign and see a three-dimensional, virtual red heart hovering on top of the camera image – the red heart you placed on top of it using the Tagxy app the last time you had a yummy caramel latte there.
Social networking functions such like, share, comment and private messaging allow bi- and multi-directional communication.

As you keep on walking around, a GPS-powered map shows where else you can discover “tagxified” things in your proximity. Imagine it as a fun social treasure hunt.
The best thing about this technology is that it’s so versatile. It can work with all sorts of everyday objects, as long as they have some kind of recognizable pattern: posters, billboards, books, street signs, murals, product packages and so on.

Nevertheless, such organic, interactive brand experiences could definitely be made possible inside the app. This would offer new revenue streams for the app and a novel marketing channel for companies.
Today’s digital natives want to access relevant, timely information at their fingertips, while they also crave social interactions and the power of self- expression -Tagxy gives them all this, inside their very own world.

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