In addition to the operating of own VR centers, we provide for current and future operators of leisure centers, stand-alone systems and museums or the like our “trueVRsystems” also for sale or as a franchise product.

What do we offer?

– Walkthrough & Advice own Virtual Reality Center or a new attraction in the existing operation.
– Tailored to customer requirements & needs systems. From 40m2 single player solutions up to 1000m2 open space Multiplayer systems.
– Active and close cooperation after commissioning

Our product:
– Wireless player
– multiplayer function
– Full Body Tracking (hands, feet, back, head)
– No Motions Sickness thanks absolutely minimal latency
– from small rooms to halls expandable
– In Game Object support

We are a young team with a great vision of revolutionizing the leisure. We have a large know-how about the film as well as entertainment industry. After various projects, all with the intent “of the participants should not play, he will see it” , we searched for other possibilities of memorable live action. Thus the idea of the experience developed events are what led to “live action games”
Why Virtual Reality?
Our dream was no longer to be bound by physical Fields and limitations of project start. With the idea of a sort of holodeck develop the boundaries of space and time can be circumvented. No matter when and where, the players all doors are open. Thanks to VR goggles and tracking systems, a connection between the real and virtual worlds are created. fly a spaceship, fight dragons or fight off a zombie invasion. In the game world, everything is possible.
Our goals
Our goal is to transform the market for events and leisure activities. Always new and better worlds of experience are to be created and our customers each plan a WOW effect. In the medium term, we aim to spin off in other countries.
iCombat Switzerland GmbH
RedCube GmbH OptiTrack

Research & Development
[email protected]

Marketing & Operation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, the VR-Center can edit only booked seasons.

The booked seats each binding and can not be replaced.


Opening times?

Under “Book”, the available places will be consulted.

What is the entrance fee per person?

Prices may vary depending booked game turn different, some missions take longer and cost more accordingly.
The cost point is between CHF 40 – 80.- / person – Detailed information on each in the booking system.

What is the address?

The address will be sent to each at a reservation by confirmation email. 
The plant is located in Dietlikon, near the bus station “Brandbach”.


What does “beta” in the missions?

Beta means that this is a trial, it does not yet meet the 100% finished product.

What can I expect?

We strive each to the highest degree of experience of VR visit, accordingly, there is in addition to optics and acoustics even 4D effects and full body tracking.
The participants experienced correspondingly a “game” in its virtual “I”.
Move in a Free-Room scenario, far greater than a Vive setting and also without cabling.


Can I wear my glasses?

It is of course possible to wear his glasses, in our experience it is for the / players (in) but comfortable with contact lenses.

Requirements for / players (in)?

It requires no previous knowledge or other special requirements, depending on the type of mission is considered a minimum.

Motions Sickness?

Motion Sickness is hardly an issue with us, has the very real conditions in our experience only a (r) of several hundreds trouble with motion sickness.

Is there risk of injury?

Virtual Reality experiences are absolutely harmless, a (e) Player (in) which (r) over its own feet stumbles can never be ruled out.

Riedwiesenstrasse 23, 8305 Dietlikon

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