Inside of TimeFire VR: An atmosphere of learning and fun

We are Timefire, a virtual reality company focused on bringing education to the VR world. In order to appreciate Timefire VR, you have to know the people that work here. Everyone that works for Timefire VR is an artist in their own way, making a creative environment that’s necessary for the success of this company. A normal day is seen as an opportunity to learn more about the many programs used, and to think of new ideas to make the world of Hypatia exceptional.

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Video Shot, Produced, and Edited by Carolyn Henry
Music by Jessica Sweeney and Robert Medrano


Medical Education
The Body VR is creating educational virtual reality content serving higher education. We are achieving this through partnerships with universities in the US and abroad to create lessons on various aspects of the human body. Our goal is to develop a curriculum that encompasses the entire human body by 2020.

We are determined to find the best way to teach using virtual reality, and will continue to iterate on our approach as we develop more content.

PCB education vr demo

PCB education using zVR.
Developed by Korea University of Technology and MWN Tech

Korea University of Technology

MWN Tech

Engage – VR Education & Presentation Platform – HTC Vive – Steam VR

ENGAGE is a new free to use education and presentation platform that seeks to transform how people share ideas and teach lessons to each other globally by harnessing the power of virtual reality technologies such as the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive.

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Réalité virtuelle:Facebook promet des millions pour le développement d’applications pour l’éducation et autres

Facebook n’a pas fermé son portefeuille après avoir sorti 2 milliards $ pour acquérir Oculus VR  en 2014. La société a continué à mettre de l’argent dans la réalité virtuelle. Mark Zuckerberg, fondateur et PDG de Facebook, a annoncé aujourd’hui à Oculus Connect à San Jose, en Californie, que l’entreprise a investi 250 millions $ en …

Ali’s story- VR 360 video

Ali is 13 years old and a child refugee from Syria. He and his family were forced to flee from their homeland by the violence and bombings of the civil war. Now Ali lives in a tented settlement in Lebanon. His family is so poor that he has to go out to sell things on the street.
Millions of children like Ali are extremely vulnerable. They are out of school and living in great hardship. They are a generation at risk of being lost – without an education and trapped in poverty.
World Vision is on the ground working with children like Ali to give them back their childhoods and a future.